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Archive for August 2011

Where’s the Lavender Ma’am?


Stop, drop and sniff for lavender in your bathroom. Go ahead, I’ll wait………  Whether you use more traditional products, or those with fewer and all natural ingredients, you’ll discover that lots of them contain lavender. Women are naturally drawn to the scent of lavender, it almost universally makes us take in a deep breath and smile.  If you’re a label reader like me, you’ve probably noticed that there isn’t even one of the tiny little lavender flower petal in our products. So, where’s the lavender ma’am? Here’s the thing, it just didn’t seem like the right thing to do. We know that it would have sold lots of products based on the scent alone, because lavender is naturally appealing to most women. We left it out on purpose. We also left out the much beloved tea tree oil for similar reasons.


We use lots of familiar ingredients, you can find them all straight out of nature without man-made fillers and preservatives. Lots of cute but powerfully healing flower petals like calendula (a little marigold), sunflowers, orange blossoms and geraniums. Even some yummy cocoa butter and gluten free oats made it into our formulations.


The reason we left out lavender and tea tree is a study out of the research triangle area (Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh) where some  leading scientists found a correlation in the use of lavender with abnormal hormone development (breast development) in young boys. All of the boys were using personal care products containing lavender and/or lavender with tea tree oil during the study. When asked to stop using these products, all of the boys were relieved of the Gynecomastia. (Report from NIH here.) “The results of our laboratory studies confirm that pure lavender and tea tree oils can mimic the actions of estrogens and inhibit the effects of androgens,” said Korach. “This combinatorial activity makes them somewhat unique as endocrine disruptors.” -NIH


So why are these ingredients in your baby products? Because, they’ve been used for a very long time; their estrogen containing properties make them naturally attractive to moms (who mostly purchase baby products); and once an ingredient is used in a certain way for many years, it tends to keep getting used. So why was it okay for your great-grandmother to use lavender on you grandma? Times have changed and she probably used just a little if any lavender on you. She probably didn’t use it on you every day and consistently over time. There were also fewer environmental toxins and fewer antibiotics in our food supply. Who really knows how all of these things work together to contribute to abnormal hormone development. But take a look around our playgrounds and in schools and you’ll notice what pediatricians have said for at least the past decade: our children are going through puberty much earlier. Long before they are emotionally and socially ready.


We are constantly watching and reading the latest research on the plants that we use to make Sweet Knee. We promise to change and grow as a company as knowledge and research change. We pride ourselves on using the ingredients that your great-grandmother would have used and would recognize if she were reading our labels. But, we promise that we won’t use something that might have worked in her generation when we have knowledge that it may do harm.


Please let us know your thoughts on this subject, and keep comments relevant to the subject of this post. Ready to become a Sweet Knee Contributor? Submit your idea to us on our contact page and your ideas could show up here for the world to see!  -Kristy



How to Get Clean and Win Too!

Update 8/8/2011 12 noon ET: The Winner, randomly selected by little man Sweet Knee from his black cowboy hat (couldn’t find the space helmet) is…..insert drumroll…… Belle Windham. Congratulations Belle! Please email us at customerservice@sweetknee.com with your mailing address and whether you would prefer oatmeal cookie bath, bubbly soap or hulababy bar for your prize.

You may have seen this little four word statement on our new site: Get Clean. Stay Sweet.

That is our tagline, our concise way of saying that it really is as simple to get clean as you want it to be. Once you’ve spent any time at all on our site, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ll know that we take ingredients very seriously. You can read all  of the information about what’s in our products on the product pages of our site. A very short read, because we just use what nature gives us, none of those man-made ingredients. We just put them together in a way that your great grandmother would have done.

How to “Get Clean”:

There are three “Get Clean” products in our line. I’ll discuss them a little bit here and give you some news on how to win one of them at the end of this post.

Bubbly Soap is a natural castille soap, meaning that it is made of botanical oils, including the traditional olive oil. You won’t find a bubble bath or any other surfactant/detergent based product in our line. We don’t recommend sitting in a tub of manmade chemistry stuff.

We have two sizes, a travel size and a tub size. Both come with a foamer bottle so that you can get just the right amount and not waste it. You won’t need very much, just a pump will cover everything that needs covering.

Want a bigger size? Okay! The new liter size will be available for purchase on August 10, 2011. (Just next week). If you’re happy and you know it, comment on this post (please).

Hulababy Bar is also a natural castille soap, but in bar form. This one adds a punch of moisture that is unbelievable. This is the one we like to use for baby butts. For any baby with irritated, or really sensitive skin. This is the one soap you’ll want in your arsenal. We even have grown (see the great grandmother pictured below) adults using it for their sensitive scalps and hair. Here is a quote from that great grandmother.

“Finally…”something works”!!!!


To anyone who has dry, itchy, flaky scalp, the Hula Baby Bar is a godsend.  I’ve had scalp problems my entire adult life, never entirely rid of itch or flaking, no matter what I used (and believe me I have tried everything). I’ve been using this soap for about 5 weeks and I can’t believe the difference.  The buildup is minimal, if at all. After about 4 shampoos, the buildup was gone completely – though it did come back, it was nothing like it had been and with each washing was less. The point is, this soap really works, no more itching and definitely no more embarrassing flaking. It’s an amazing product that’s definitely being tested on my hair – dry, itchy, flaky, and color treated. I can’t believe the difference it’s caused.  You have a customer for life.  I’m gonna be a great gramma next month, you’re never too old to learn new things… :) Thank you Sweet Knee for a terrific product!”





(Ms. Coons, congratulations to you on your new great grand-daughter!)

Oatmeal Cookie Bath This is one of my favorite Sweet Knee Products and even if you follow a gluten free lifestyle, this will work for you. Our oats are certified organic and gluten free. Not gluten free? No worries, this just means that there is no cross-contamination with other crops, and you won’t even know the difference.

Oatmeal Cookie Bath, OCB for short, is an alternative to soap for our super duper sensitive souls. We never recommend putting soap on even the dirtiest faces. The facial area is thinner and more delicate and so we recommend using this on every face, and all over on newborn skin and those super duper sensitive souls mentioned earlier.

OCB is what I mix with our Bun Glaze to cleanse my face or to exfoliate in the shower. Moms, you’ll also love this one for itchy pregnant belly and dry winter skin.


How to win one of these Get Clean products:

Visit the Bubbly Soap, Oatmeal Cookie Bath, and or Hulababy Bar pages of our site and leave a review by clicking on the “extra info” tab and following the instructions to create an account. Then go to our facebook page and let us know that you left a review. You can visit our facebook page by clicking on the facebook button at the top right corner of our website. Winner will be announced on Monday, August 8th at noon ET.


P.O.Box 4253 North Myrtle Beach, SC 29597
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