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little bunny ideas and crafts for the little ones


We wanted to share a few of the homemade Easter projects and traditions that we’re working on for our little Sweet Knee. He’s full of zest and life, and doesn’t need lots of candy to keep up with the crowd, so we like to add in a few non-edible creations to balance things out. These are really simple, and really sweet!


The free stuff: ┬áStart a family tradition, if you haven’t already, for Easter. A picnic in the park, a little kite flying expedition and even some good old Easter egg hunting at grandma’s house make it onto our Easter roster each year. We often hide coins and stickers in our eggs, which the kids love just as much as the traditional candy! (at least at our house)


Grass in an egg: This one takes a couple of weeks if you’re using regular grass seed, but if you are up for growing wheatgrass in an egg, it will only take a few days to sprout in time for Easter.


Felt bunny puppets:┬áThese can be hand sewn while you’re watching your favorite show. They are so simple, you’re going to want to stock up on lots of bright and fun felt colors!


These clothespin bunny’s are super sweet and quick to make.


For those who are a little less crafty, but still want to dip their toe in the art world and avoid some of the sugar, here are some simple ideas for a completely sugar free basket. We’re making dozens of the little grass pom poms instead of the store bought version. So fun, and we’ll figure out a new little use for them after Easter.


What are some of your traditions or craft ideas for Easter?

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